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Spice up your EV charging time with an AI powered music intro quiz!


Why in-car games?

Charging an electric car can take anywhere from 2 hours to 10 hours, even longer if you plug it into a domestic socket.


Although most people can manage to charge their EVs at night, it is inevitable that you will need an extra boost from time to time on the road.

Whether alone or with friends, waiting for a charge can be boring. People would end up scrolling endlessly on their smartphones because there's not much you can do in your car.


Introducing Speed Jam, an exciting in-car music intro quiz that transforms your charging waiting time and road trips into thrilling musical journeys.

Dive into the unique interactive gameplay using your smartphone as a controller and compete with friends and family. Recognise a song, hit the buzzer, and say your answer out loud.

Speed Jam stands out with its seamless Spotify integration, using personalised music data to curate playlists that match your taste. 

Beyond competition, it is your gateway to music discovery. Each game introduces captivating tracks that will become your new favorites.

Fasten your seatbelts, crank up the volume, and let Speed Jam guide you on the road to musical glory. Your unforgettable music adventure awaits.


Key features

Interactive Gameplay:

Get everyone - no matter if 1 or 7 players - in the car involved as they use their smartphones as controllers

Spotify Integration:

Unleash an experience like no other with personalised playlists tailored to your music taste. Discover new genres and hidden gems while having a blast

Voice Recognition:

Press the buzzer as soon as you recognize a song, and use speech input to answer the track name



1 Main screens show all players who joined the game


1 Players join in with Spotify Account




2 Players choose the number of songs for this game


3 AI generates a mixtape based on player's music profile


4 The mixtape is generated together with a unique name based on the song choices.


4 Player starts the game


5 Intro quiz playing


5 Player's screen becomes a buzzer and shows the current score


6 A hint appears after 20s


6 Player hits the button and say the answer into the microphone


7 Answer is correct and the song keeps playing


7 Player answers correctly and win points. Like the song to player's own Spotify.


8 The scoreboard shows the winner after the game


8 Player can add the playlist to Spotify to enjoy later



Perfect for in-car

One of the most enjoyable features in a car is the outstanding, immersive sound system. Speed Jam takes full advantage of this and adds a social and gaming factor to the mix, resulting in casual fun for everyone.

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